Site Content Area is 1040px Wide

Any part of the Gutter Ad Unit image that comes into this area will not be

visible. Includes image bleed area. Note: Center area of Gutter Ad Unit should

have 35px of image bleed on each side with remaining 970px area white only.


Billboard Ad Unit

Unit Size: 970 x 250

File Size: 80 kb

Post Polite: Download100 kb

Formats: gif, jpg, png, 3PA, HTML5

Animation / Loops: 15 seconds/3 loops

Audio/Video Audio: User-initiated; Video: Auto-play; 24 fps

Audio/Video Buttons Required: Play, Stop, Pause, Mute, Restart

Rich Media In-Video Units: See IAB Guidelines for more details



General Rules

Client logo cannot exceed brand logo

Text copy cannot exceed largest header/title text on page

CTAs cannot exceed the largest CTA of brand

No stacking of logo under TEN brand logo

Limit one single CTA in billboard area

The Billboard Unit cannot be expandable

All 3rd party creatives need to be secure (https)


Gutter Ad Unit

Unit Size: 1920x1200 (440 wide live area on each side of page)

The outer 150 pixels on each side may not be viewable on some viewports so keep content as close to the center as possible

Site Content Size: 1040 pixels

Includes 20 pixels of space between edge of site content and the Gutter Unit content

File Size: 300kb max initial load / 600kb max sub load

Acceptable File Formats: Static image (.jpg, .png, .gif)

Fixed Background: Template allows for ad unit to be locked at the top of the viewable area

All ad content will NOT be clickable

Our team has right to reject content that poses design issues

All 3rd party tags need to be secure (https)





Billboard Ad Unit

970px x 250px


35px Gutter Ad Unit image bleed area

35px Gutter Ad Unit image bleed area